Winter Fun in Midtown Omaha!

It happened. Snow.

There's a few ways to present this information. Envision Robert De Niro reading these lines:
(Joy) Snow!
(Despair) Snnnooow.
(Anger) Snow!

He's so talented, isn't he?

I made peace with winter years ago. It's here, so I might as well play in it. Winter is a playground and our fabulous Midtown location is close to winter fun.

I’ve never been a natural at sports. I’m klutzy and have two left feet ...and two left arms. It hit me years ago: I don't have to be good at sports to enjoy them. What am I trying out for the Olympics?

Getting outside to play in the winter makes me feel less hybernaty (new word I just made up) and since I work in a windowless basement, I just feel better if I can get out a dose of sunlight and fresh air.

View of Blizzard from Condos at 3000 Farnam, Omaha, NE

Our prime location makes winter play hassle-free! Our beautiful neighbor Turner Park is a great place to snowshoe. Even on the snowiest days, it’s a snap to just cross the street and start shoeing. When you’re tired, you just shoe on back to the building for hot cocoa. No snowy roads to battle.

Out of cocoa? Pop on over to Walgreens! Or knock on my door, I usually have some.

The park also provides lots of snow for snowman making which is, if you think about it, melt-able public art. Tell the folks back home you have a sculpture in the park!

If you’d prefer a more woodsy backdrop, Hitchcock Nature Center is a lovely place to snowshoe or winter hike. It’s a short 18 mile drive from here and provides well-marked trails with beautiful scenery.

Midtown Crossing is ace-on-the-spot with their snow removal, so walking or running on clean sidewalks makes playing outside safer and easier. I have a theory that getting ice cream up the street is good training to acclimate yourself to cold weather.

"I made peace with winter years ago. It's here, so I might as well play in it. Winter is a playground and our fabulous Midtown location is close to winter fun."

Sledding: Memorial Park has THE BIG HILL. Last winter Adorable Husband and I bought some plastic sleds from the thrift store and went sledding for the first time since we were kids. Wow! It was great fun and as a grown up, I wasn't forced to wear bread bags over my socks to keep my feet dry.

Check out some of my photos from last winter.

Snowman at Turner Park, Midtown Crossing, Omaha, NE

Three years ago I decided to teach myself how to ice skate. Should a middle-aged woman take up ice skating? Of course not! It was a very risky life choice which thankfully turned out okay. (Shout out to my mother who prayed the rosary each time I went.) It's. A. Blast. Am I Peggy Fleming? Yes, if Peggy skates tipsy and blind-folded with rocks in her skates. I can now visit the rink without falling and my signature move is called “Middle-aged woman cautiously going around the rink, doing nothing fancy, just advancing forward.”

We are fortunate to live a short drive from several rinks:

  • Baxter Arena: 67th and Center
  • Motto McLean rink at Hitchcock Park: 5051 S. 45th St.
  • Grover Ice Rink: 6171 Grover St. This rink has a bar so you could play Tipsy Peggy Fleming if you wanna.
  • The temporary rink at UNMC: its fun to skate outside on a nice winter day, but the rink is quite small and if there’s a big crowd, it’s hard for a novice like me to manage the space.
  • The ConAgra outdoor ice rink has been temporarily moved to a lot east of 10th Street and between Capitol Avenue and Dodge Street.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention another huge perk of living here in the winter: No snowy sidewalks/driveways to scoop. A team of elves show up and do it in the wee hours. I just thought of something. Perhaps you think shoveling snow is fun. Well, then you're outta luck here. 😉

And remember if you don’t want to battle snowy traffic, we’re right on the bus line for an easy winter commute.

Winter-schminter. We’re ready for ya!


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