What About Bob?



What About Bob?

A few of my favorite Bobs:

Bob Ross

Bob Newhart

Bob Denver

Bob Seger

There's a new Bob in our groovy neighborhood. Just up the street in the Blackstone District at 3824 Farnam Street: Bob's Donuts.

But it's not open....yet.

I've had my eye on Bob's Donuts because as I take the bus to work, we roll by Bob's as it's being constructed. The sign reads: Bob's Donuts: Donuts, Coffee, Chicken.




The sign at Bob's Donuts - Omaha, NE

That. Is. Poetry.
Or a happy song: Donuts, Coffee, Chicken!
Or a Gregorian chant: Dooonnuts, Cofffffeeeee, Chiiiicken!

Their Facebook page says they'll be offering such dreamy donut flavors as Raspberry with White Chocolate, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Maple Bacon.


Excuse me. I got a little woozy-dizzy with joy.

Dining Notes in the Omaha World Herald on August 7th said Bob's would be opening in Mid-September, but so far, they look like they're still a work in progress. I have to be patient. But who can be patient waiting for Donuts, Coffee, and Chicken!?

And get this: there appears to be a walk-up window on the west side of the building. I'm already envisioning myself going for a stroll up the street to Bob's. My earbuds are in and I'm listening to something snappy like "I'm Old Fashioned" by Dave Brubeck, and the fabulous smell of Donuts, Coffee, and Chicken! is wafting into my nose (I'm guessing it would hit me about 36th and Farnam). I don't even have to go inside. I can just stroll up to order at the window.

"I have to be patient. But who can be patient waiting for Donuts, Coffee, and Chicken!?

Bob's shares the building with the also soon-to-open Early Bird Café which, according to Dining Notes, will serve an eclectic breakfast and lunch menu daily, along with cocktails. They share the same owners.

Sounds like the day's sustenance is covered right there at 38th and Farnam, but don't get there late in the day. Hours are Monday-Sunday 6:30 am - 2:30 pm.

What is an "eclectic breakfast"? Square eggs? I'm curious.

Bob's Donuts - Looking West
Bob Newhart
Bob's Donuts, Coffee, and Chicken
Bob Denver
Bob Seger
Bob Ross

Bob Ross

Bob's website offers no other information than location, hours and that they're hiring. If you get a job there, I'd like to work out a deal with you to discount purchase any unsellable weird shaped donuts. Eclectic ones.

I hope Bob is doing okay and the snag in opening is short-lived. Bob, I'm sending happy, groovy vibes up Farnam Street to you.

Readers, I'll keep you posted on the scoop and promise to do an extensive culinary review when they open. I'm here for ya!

Side note: If you'd like to take the bus to Bob's, the #15 (which is right outside our door to the east on Farnam) will get you there quick. If you choose to pedal there on your bike, know that for now there aren't bike racks near the shop, so you'll have to lock your bike to a tree, streetlight or street sign.