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There's an interesting website called Walkscore.com that calculates the walkability of a neighborhood. How feasible is your area for walking errands or enjoying entertainment? I plugged in 3000 Farnam Street. Our score was 89 out of 100. Pretty darn good.

We have access to great restaurants and entertainment at Midtown Crossing, the Blackstone Neighborhood, and shops on Leavenworth Street which is seeing a lot of revitalization. Walgreens is our Open-24-hours neighbor.

First Central Congregational Church Omaha

First Central Congregational Church Omaha

There are several churches that are a walkable distance (check out the Google map below!). CHI Health (Creighton Medical Health Center) is a walkable distance, but for Pete's sake call an ambulance if you gotta get there fast!! :-).

Runza is RIGHT NEXT DOOR. If I lived on the east side of the building, I'd send a basket down with a fishing pole and order a piping hot Runza without even leaving the building. Yes, I've given this wayyy tooo much thought.

I've put far less miles on my car since moving here because everywhere I want or need to go is so close. Once my fiancé and I are married, we plan to try (drum roll and deep breath) living with one car. I dunno if it's gonna work, but we really want to try it for at least a year. I like rethinking what has become the "car norm" in our American culture. And most days, I just dislike the yammity-schamity of owning a car: maintenance, taxes, the stress of parallel parking, the cost of insurance.

Our building is right on the bus line, too. So if you're not into car ownership or want to leave the driving to someone else, it's right here.

Speaking of walking, last time I mentioned my Neighborhood Mansions Running Route. I guess I should really call it Beautiful Old Homes Route because not all homes would probably qualify as a mansion, but just lovely old homes. If you'd like to check out the route, it's pretty simple. To get there from our building:

  1. Walk up Farnam to the beautiful Blackstone Building (Wowee! is it beautiful or what?!) and hang a left

    Blackstone Building - Central Omaha

    Blackstone Building - Central Omaha

  2. Turn on to 36th and Jackson
  3. Right on 38th Ave.
  4. Right onto Dewey Ave, (are you still with me?)
  5. left on to 37th to Farnam then back home again.

It's about 2 miles. I was gonna include a map, but to heck with it. You get the general idea: turn left at the Blackstone and meander around and enjoy all the fabulous old homes.  I call it an Urban Walkabout.

Below are a few photos from my Urban Walkabout. My favorite Urban Walkabout tip: bring a little money so you can stop for ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery at Midtown Crossing.

Oh, and speaking of maps, check out the groovy little Google Map shown below, of all the churches that are within walking distance.

Have a beautiful, walkable week.

The Condo Lady


Midtown Omaha Neighborhood Homes 1

Midtown Omaha Neighborhood Homes 2

Midtown Omaha Neighborhood Homes 3

First Presbyterian Church

First Unitarian Church

First Central Congregational Church

First Baptist Church

Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church

First Lutheran Church

St. John's Greek Orthodox Church

St. John's Parish on Creighton University Campus