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My "Tour de Nebraska"


JULY, 2016

Hooray for summer and vacations! I hope your summer is filled with a balance of rest and adventure. I recently rode Tour de Nebraska. It’s an annual bike ride (of the pedaling kind) that covers 300 miles in 5 days. Most people are familiar with the larger rides such as BRAN and RAGBRAI, but Tour de Nebraska is a much smaller group – about 450 riders. Each year is a different route in Nebraska. This was my 6th year riding and we rode the beautiful Sandhills in the Valentine area.

Scenic view of riders on the Tour de Nebraska.

Wow. Talk about amazing scenery!

And cows. Lots of cows.

And great steaks!

"There is such a stark difference between the wide open ranchland and our city scenes here in Midtown Omaha"

There is such a stark difference between the wide open ranchland and our city scenes here in Midtown Omaha. I can only imagine what everyday life would hold in such stunning, open country…the challenges, the blessings. One cowboy said he appreciates the quiet life, but is thankful for Amazon.com.

I’m not the speediest cat on the tour. My bike Hildegarde and I take our time. I love riding with friends, talking and laughing, visiting the small towns along the way. These small towns are amazing. Their hospitality to tired, stinky strangers on bikes is always humbling. Church ladies present their best fruit pies. Kids make encouraging signs and place them along the highway. 4-H clubs make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a cyclist go-to, power-up favorite.

Tour de Nebraska Map.

When I say small towns, I mean SMALL towns. Oftentimes there were more cyclists than town residents. Springview has 231 residents. Newport (home of the world’s smallest pool hall!!) has 97 people. Wood Lake, 64. All these towns have one thing in common: There’s a real sense of community and civic pride. Neighbors helping neighbors, keeping an eye out for each other.

It got me thinking how our building is a lot like a little town in the city. We keep an eye on each other, work together to make improvements, and celebrate our successes. We gather together for board meetings and the board members are always easily accessible and welcome input. We have a great holiday party every December. The mailbox area is where most of us touch base. We take pride in our homes. We're a little community loving our building, our Midtown gem.

Until next time, keep "summering"!

If you'd like more info on Tour de Nebraska, click here: www.tourdenebraska.com/