Time to Relax


JULY, 2017

We’ve been going nonstop this summer, enjoying the sun and making the most of our time after work. The carefree living of condo life offers ample free time. No yard work, no driveway maintenance, no poisoning weeds between the sidewalk cracks, no whatever you do to old tree stumps.

I wrote most of this blog while driving down to Dallas to visit family, then down to Galveston to hang out at the beach. Oh, let me clarify! I was the passenger as I typed along on the laptop. Not the driver. Please do not blog and drive.

While in Dallas I tried to blend in by saying Yeeehaww! frequently.

With all this here, there, and everywhere-ing, I’ve decided to create A Special Day of Relaxation and I want to do it all in our fabulous Midtown neighborhood.

Dear Blog Readers, you know how I love to plan a day of neighborhood adventure for us! Humor me, please as I create a day that should rejuvenate even the busiest of summer-lovers.

Joslyn Art Museum Omaha Nebraska

Joslyn Art Museum

A Special Day of Relaxation

We wake at 5:00 a.m. to run 6 miles, stopping only to do 1000 jumping jacks at each crosswalk. Those who fall behind will be doing burpees in the lobby until the mailman arrives.

I’m kiddddddding.

We start A Special Day of Relaxation the night before by downloading a bird chirping alarm clock app. I've done the research for you and here are free ones:

iOS users: Apple App Store: Birds Alarm Clock & Sleep Sounds by Elshad Miralam

Android users: Google Play: Early Bird Alarm Clock

Set the alarm for the time most restful for you. Warn your loved ones that you’re doing this lest they think a flock of birds have invaded your home during the night. Maybe warn the cat.

Slowly rise and stretch, then slip into your favorite comfy clothes and shoes and you’re ready for the day. We’re going to be lazy on the hair today - configure it just enough so people won't be afraid of you when you're out in public. Or wear a hat.

"Slowly rise and stretch, then slip into your favorite comfy clothes and shoes and you’re ready for the day"

Now putter up the street to Délice European Bakery & Café at 3201 Farnam Street for pastry and coffee. You could read the paper, but I’ll be guilty-pleasure reading the newest issue of People magazine, catching up on the likes of Rob Kardashian and getting the scoop on who was caught out and about Hollywood in schleppy clothes. (Harsh judge for someone with quickly configured hair.)

Once you’ve been fortified for the day, at your leisure, stroll down the street to NT Nails at 3157 Farnam where you don’t need an appointment to treat yourself to a pedicure. Ask for the hot rock massage. It wasn't all that long ago that if someone put hot rocks on your legs, you'd call the police. Now you pay for it!

We’re going to do a little driving now (or you can walk or take the # 30 bus that you'd pick up on Douglas and Park Ave.) to go the one mile to Joslyn Art Museum. Admittance is free thanks to the Sherwood Foundation. Thank you, Sherwood Foundation!

Casually meander the beautiful, historic building - soaking up the art, treating your brain and your eyeballs at every corner. What’s your favorite piece of work? Mine has always been Russian Beauty and Cat, by Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky (Russian, 1839–1915). This is not a political statement. Russia has been in the news a lot, but I'm not colluding - really, I'm just "art"ing.

Let's go back to the condo for Whatever Lunch. Whatever Lunch is whatever is in your kitchen. Ice cream? Wheaties? Green beans? Whatever. I'm guessing I'll end up with hummus and Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies.

And now a sofa nap (Gentle harp music). I like dozing off to vintage sitcoms - laughing as I gently slip into slumber. I’m choosing The Dick Van Dyke Show on Netflix. I’ve seen them all a hundred times, so I can drift off, knowing that everything turns out just hilariously fine. If you have a pet, bonus nap points! There’s nothing cozier than snuggling up to your cat, dog, ferret, bunny, etc. for an afternoon nap. Don’t have a pet? Knock on a few doors and perhaps a neighbor will loan you theirs for an hour or so. I’d loan you our cat, but she’s a saucy old broad who likes to rearrange human hair while they sleep.

Delice European Bakery
Miniature Cooking
Russian Beauty with Cat
Woman With A Gentle Face

My Latest Artwork - a painting I did called "Woman With A Gentle Face"

Wakey, wakey, sleepy head. Since we’re on the sofa already, how about a little binge watching your favorite show? Put your sparkly toes and hot-rocked legs up on the footstool (or hassock, as my mother calls it. It sounds Russian. I swear, I don't have connections. It's just a fun word.) and catch up on your favorite show. We recently started watching Fargo on Netflix. I’m hooked. If I forage around the kitchen, I bet I can find some cookies.

It’s time for dinner and I’m suggesting the Nebraska delicacy, the original Runza, which is easy to round up, just next door to our building. I’ll be pairing it with my best box wine enjoyed out on the balcony. My phone’s Dave Brubeck playlist is up, starting with Summer Song. Unfamiliar? Check it out by clicking here.

Could there be anything more relaxing than a Runza, Box Wine, Balcony, Brubeck Combo? I think not, Good Sir and if you beg to differ, I'll have to show you the door!

Next up: do something creative. Whatever your passion. Poetry? Clogging? Yoga? Miniature cooking? (Yes, it's a thing: ) I’ll take creating some artwork. I love it when my last thoughts for the day are creative ones.

Ahhhh, so relaxing. Our restful day comes to a close. If you decide to play along at home, let me know how it goes!

Until next time, keep summer-ing!