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There's No Place Like Home



We've been gone traveling the globe. Okay, just to Chicago and Tucson, but the point is, no matter how far you travel, there's nothing better than coming home. We honeymooned in Chicago and stayed at a lovely Airbnb condo that was incredibly similar to our Condos at 3000 Farnam home. Some folks might say we should be more adventurous, but I think it illustrates how much we love home. However, even though it was similar, it lacked the sparkly extra super groovy vibe or our midtown gem!

The Arizona trip was our annual visit to my parents in the Tucson area. Always fun. We celebrate all the holidays and birthdays, retell family stories, look at old photos, cook great meals together, eat too much, talk too many politics, make home repairs, create art, and laugh a whole lot. The scenery is beautiful in southern Arizona. Dessert scenes with purple mountains at sunset - warm earth panoramic views created by my favorite artist, Mother Nature.

My Favorite Wedding Photo

My Favorite Wedding Photo

But it's still not home.

While we were out circumnavigating the globe, (ah, still Chicago and Tucson) the autumn colors arrived in Omaha! Funny how the backdrop of your world can change while you're gone, even for a few weeks. I'm a fan of Autumn. Deep, rich colors, crunchy leaves, sweater weather, candy corn (fantastic poison!), and the crisp-air feeling of change.

"Funny how the backdrop of your world can change while you're gone, even for a few weeks."

I like my gig as graphic artist, but I wasn't looking forward to going back to work after trotting the globe (still Chicago and Tucson, thank you for playing along!) Our new "one-vehicle couple" experiment is going quite well. I continue to take the bus to work then walk home at the end of the day. I had a full inbox waiting for me and the first few days back were a little hairy. The walk home was relaxing and comfort food for my brain and eyeballs: beautiful fall trees all the way home...squirrels scampering (yeah, I've been known to take the last stale donut from the break room to share with squirrels on the way home. If there's a Midtown squirrel tooth decay problem, I'm to blame.) My Ella Fitzgerald playlist is the soundtrack to my little journey home....It's verrrrry clear, our love is here to stay...not for a year, but for forever and a dayyyyyy. It's just Ella and me and the squirrels.

Squirrel Friend

Squirrel Friend

I'm Looking for John Wayne
Halloween Tree Shadow
Walking along, listening to Ella
Pink Sky, Red Trees
Lovely Tree Along the Route

Lovely Tree Along the Route

Yesterday was such a beautiful morning, I decided to walk both to and from work. That takes some early morning effort (less puttering around with coffee, to heck with my hair - make a quick pony tail, gotta leave earlier, where are my comfy shoes?), but it was well worth it. The photos you see here are from my route.

It's true. There's no place like home. And it's not just our building that feels like home. It's the whole neighborhood.