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Music to Our Ears


There’s a lot of productive noise going on in the building these days. Hammering. Sawing. Power stapling. The bustle of construction work. I think most residents would agree, its music to our ears. (There’s a joke hovering in my head about it being "The Carpenters", but I’ll spare you. 🙂  The construction means positive changes that not only make our building even more wonderful, but increases the value of our units.

Construction Outside The Condos At 3000 Farnam

Our new commercial neighbors on the first floor, Werner Logistics, have a great start on the remodel of their office space. Having them join us means more financial stability for the building, new life to a big, beautiful space, and adds another page to our building’s history book. Thanks to GreenSlate Development for purchasing the space. Their esteem and vision for historic buildings is well respected. And they rock.

There’s work on the windows. Check out the photo above. That is one brave man in that cherry picker! I get a case of shaky-knees when I stand on a chair to change the smoke detector batteries.

Make It Modern!

Werner Logistics

The restrooms on the main level are being remodeled. Yes, they were functional, but whenever I’d step inside, it was like going through a time portal instantly placing me in 1965. Hey, Gidget, how does my bob look? Moondoggie is so dreamy! More important than bringing the décor up to date, they’ll also be handicapped accessible.

Each spring management makes arrangements for a huge dumpster to be placed in the parking lot so residents can clean house, dump items they no longer need or use it as a springboard to start home remodeling jobs. It makes it easy to spiffy up.

There’s been construction noise throughout the building, including my floor. Neighbors here are supportive, remodeling cheerleaders. We know the excitement of giving our spaces a facelift.

Improvements to The Mini Groovy Kitchen 1

I had a little remodeling going on recently as well. The Mini Groovy Kitchen got a facelift, too (well, it was more like Botox and a chemical peel). There was a big mess in a small space, but well worth it. Take a look at the photos above! I'm working on a painting to hang in there, but Summertime has slowed up work on that. I love my little kitchen where I can cook up a big storm.

Noise and change. All good things for this wonderful building we call HOME.