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The Mini Groovy Condo

Welcome to the new Condos at 3000 Farnam blog! We've created this blog to introduce you to the carefree living in our awesome, historic building and also to keep residents up-to-date on events going on in the neighborhood.

But first, little background of how I fell in love with our building:

The Mini Groovy Condo - Sunset View

The Mini Groovy Condo - Sunset View

Four years ago, I was a divorced empty nester living in an apartment in Northwest Omaha. Nice place, but...no pizzazz, you know? Another cookie-cutter apartment. My rent was going up and I decided it was time to own a home. I'm an artist and history lover so I wanted a place with history and character. I'm not into yard work and didn't want the hassle of home repairs, so I decided a condo would be the right fit for me.

I like keeping things simple and joked with my real estate agent that I wanted to live Midtown (close to work) in a condo the size of a phone booth. We looked at several places in the neighborhood that were lovely, but were either too big, out of my price range, or just not a love match.

And then we came to this building.

I loved it from the start. I did a little research on the building and discovered it was over 100 years old (don't let the hip 1960's facelift fool you. "Hey, Building, you just don't show your age!"). The whole place has a retro, groovy vibe that this artist fell in love with immediately. The first 2 units I looked at were too large - beautiful, but just not for me. There was one more to see. A 690 ft. one bedroom. I walked in, smiled and said, "THIS IS IT. THIS IS HOME."

The Mini Groovy Condo - Fireworks

The Mini Groovy Condo - Fireworks

Fast forward four years. It's just a fun place to live. The views are great. I've always felt secure and safe. It's close to everything: all the fun stuff going on at Turner Park/Midtown Crossing, downtown, the Old Market. I'm a runner and the area offers some great running routes (my favorite is what I call the Neighborhood Mansions Run, but I'll fill you in later on that.) I love to have friends over to relax on the balcony to listen to Jazz on the Green. Look for us next time you're out there. We're the group raising a toast to the park. My friends refer to my place as The Mini Groovy Condo.

I'm getting married this fall to an awesome man. Yeah, he's gonna squeeze into The Mini Groovy Condo. Can two people peacefully live in a 690 square foot condo? We think so. (Heyyy, there's an idea for a reality show!) Each unit has a storage unit right on their floor and there's an option to rent more on the first floor. We're decluttering. Keeping it simple. I get the big closet. 🙂

The Mini Groovy Condo - Dusk View

The Mini Groovy Condo - Dusk View

Please take a look at a few photos here of my view in a variety of seasons. No lawns to mow here - only great views!

Please visit again. I'll share some fun scoop on the neighborhood. In the meantime, check out the fantastic events listed on our Events page at www.condosat3000farnam.com/events

Thanks for stopping by,

The Condo Lady