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Relaxing at Home - 3000 Farnam Style



It’s been a loud and stressful election cycle.

There was mudslinging, name calling, back stabbing, half-truths, and bald face lies …and that was just between my family members.

I was going to do an interpretive dance representing the campaign 2016 timeline, but due to the nature of the content, it would no longer be family friendly, so none of that.

My adorable husband and I spent election night at home. We popped open our last bottle of wedding champagne and defrosted the last of the wedding cake. Cake and champagne help soothe any stressful situation.

I think most residents here would agree that our building is cozy. It feels like home the second you walk through the main doors. It's our haven from a busy world and living here is stress-free: no yard work, no snow removal, the trash disappears down a chute, common areas are cleaned by a service, we don't even have to walk outside to gather up our mail. And because we're so close to everything we need, less driving = less traffic stress.

Relaxing View from the Balcony - 3000 Farnam

Relaxing Autumn View from the Balcony here at 3000 Farnam!

See my blog on our balconies...ahhh, our little havens from stress.

Even so, outside sources like work and elections can cause stress. Lately there's been a lot of attention given to self-care. Mental health experts suggest that self-care is an important piece to a balanced, healthy life. You don’t have to tell me that twice! It’s a busy, zany world. We need to be kind to ourselves.

We have some great places to find relaxation just up the street at Midtown Crossing. Looking for a foot rub and pedicure? Walk your toes up to NT Nails just a few blocks away. Need comfort food? Lots of good eats/comfort food (hello, ice cream) at Midtown Crossing. Grab a movie or a great cup of coffee.

The Old Market, a mere 3-minute drive away, offers more opportunities for comfort food, a safe, fun place to stroll and unique shops and galleries for retail therapy or window shopping.

And then there's our beautiful neighbor Turner Park. Always a lovely place to walk, run, picnic, or just bring a book to sit down and relax. Ah, nature in the city.

If you’re like me and go into hermit mode after a long day and prefer to stay home, there are some great home spa suggestions from my go-to for everything: Pinterest.

"Mental health experts suggest that self-care is an important piece to a balanced, healthy life. You don’t have to tell me that twice! It’s a busy, zany world. We need to be kind to ourselves."

Check out this sugar coconut oil scrub: Ohhhh, this stuff is easy to make and it feels luxurious. You'll think you're in France at the Les Sources de Caudalie Spa. This luxurious spa is famous for it's anti-aging treatment which involves being covered in honey and wine yeast then rubbed with crushed cabernet seeds, followed up with a cleansing with red-vine extract.

For a similar experience at home, you could dab some Barefoot Moscato on your temples.

Want another home spa luxury treatment? Try this banana mask.

I'm wearing the mask as I type this. So far, so good, but I'm freaking out the cat. I'm anticipating looking 25 years old when I'm done, so please don't be shocked when you run into me in the laundry room.

I treated myself to a professional facial before the wedding and after all the scrubbing and cleansing was done, the final step was a gentle massage of macadamia oil. Wow. It's very silky and relaxing. I decided that "hey! I can do that at home for free!" And so I bought a bottle and it's wonderful. Don't rinse it off, let it soak in. It smells soooo yummy. I always think that if I'd add a few more ingredients, I could have cookies or muffins. Here's a link to learn more about the wonders of macadamia oil.

Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub
NT Nails at Midtown Crossing
Banana Face Mask
Turner Park - Autumn Stroll
Omaha's Old Market

Omaha's Old Market

Most health food stores sell it, but since that would mean I'd have to cross 72nd street, I order mine from Amazon.com.
I hear you can also cook with it. 🙂

And, may I suggest turning your Pandora to Thelonious Monk or Ella Fitzgerald? Mel Torme is a soothing cat, too. A friend suggested Barry Manilow. I guess it's all in the ears of the beholder.

And to make it super relaxing, start a roaring fire. No, we don't have fireplaces here, but crank up the computer or your smart tv and watch it on YouTube:

Sigh. Writing this has been very relaxing. What are some of your favorite ways to destress? Leave me a comment.

Have a restful, peaceful week!