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Our Trusty, Convenient 3000 Farnam Neighbor - Walgreens


AUGUST, 2016

Walgreens is everywhere. Most are open 24 hours.

It’s comforting to know there’s one right across the street from our fabulous building. If you’ve got a cold, it’s a 2 minute, 57-second walk to round up a get-yourself-well kit. I’ve timed it. This was with no elevator stops and the light was green at the crosswalk. Shave off a few seconds if you're wearing comfy shoes.

You can one-stop-shop-it to buy cold medicine, tissues, soup, crackers, slippers, a thermometer, hot water bottle, vapor-rub, chocolate (helps in any medical situation), magazines, and a get well card to send to yourself. You are on the road to recovery.

Walgreens - conveniently located right next door!

Walgreens has EvErYtHinG. All available any time of the day or night.

Imagine the possibilities. Let's say you're having a sleepless night and want to amuse yourself at 3:00 a.m. You could run over to Walgreens to buy silly combinations of stuff.

For instance:

"Drain opener, a jump rope, and an apparatus that separates your toes. Who needs a plumber, a gym or a podiatrist when you've got Walgreens?"

An industrial sized bottle of Jean Naté, an eye patch, Imodium AD and paper towels.

Drain opener, a jump rope, and an apparatus that separates your toes. Who needs a plumber, a gym or a podiatrist when you've got Walgreens?

Old Spice manly wash in a wide variety of scents, nutmeg (technically New Spice), electrical tape, a garden gnome (when in season), and Cheerios.

This is fun. Let’s try some more.

Budget waterproof mascara, a gift card to Red Lobster, strawberry PopTarts, a moderately priced bottle of scotch, and a skid proof bathmat. Sounds like a memorable night out.

Head lice removal kit, calamine lotion, a knockoff of Chanel No. 5 (aka Channel Yes. V), jalapeno pistachios, and mouse traps.

Perfect for Midtown Balconies, too!

Did I mention, this is in no way a paid endorsement by Walgreens or their subsidiaries?

A mug that features a photo of your cat (provided you’ve sent your order via their handy app), a scrub bucket, OSHA-endorsed ear plugs, and faux ruby earrings.

I think I could be their spokesperson. Why haven’t they called me?

Milk Duds, rose hips, glitter pens, and menopausal aids. (There are no glittery menopausal aids. Hello, Shark Tank!).

If you'd like to play along, please leave your combo items in the comment box below.

Oh, and you could pick up some Sominex for that sleepless night!

Here's a link to their main website: www.walgreens.com.

And you can click here to see the info for their store that's right next door, in case you don't want to walk.