Omaha World Cup Dressage Finals


APRIL, 2017

Did you have a chance to visit the CenturyLink Center to see the Omaha World Cup Dressage Finals (or as they're officially known, the LONGINES FEI World Cup Jumping and FEI World Cup Dressage Finals)?

Adorable Husband and I went to the expo last Sunday. We didn't know what to expect since we have no experience with equestrian events. (Horse shoes and merry-go-rounds don't count.)

We didn't have tickets to any particular event, so we watched competitions on the big screen in the expo area but got to see riders and their horses up close for their warm up and cool downs. Wow. The horses are beautiful and strong. The riders, so elegant. They work together to execute amazing, precision moves. Suddenly my accomplishment of teaching my cat to "high five" seemes really boring.

Powerful Beauty! - Omaha World Cup Dressage Finals

We expected to see exquisite horses and riders performing amazing technical skills, but what surprised us was the variety of equestrian products you can buy. Everything was foreign to us. For starters, we saw a horse treadmill. Yes, you read that correctly, a horse treadmill. It's really a thing. And it comes with toasty warm heat lamps so your horse can gallop along in the "sun". Inside.

I'd love one. Christmas is only 260 some days away. Hint, hint.

"Everything was foreign to us. For starters, we saw a horse treadmill. Yes, you read that correctly, a horse treadmill. It's really a thing."

There were beautiful saddles that cost more than my first car, stunning blinged-out horse harnesses, fancy hats for both you and your horse. There was a vendor selling a specially formulated ground cover (soft mulch type material) that is comfortable and efficient for riding competition. Somewhere scientists worked to formulate just the right softness for the hooves of an elegant horse. That's impressive.

Please see my photo here of the horse compression suit. I couldn't take my eyes off it. How would you even begin to get a horse into that? I suppose if you're an international equestrian rider, you and your horse have a lot of trust. And if riding doesn't work out, your horse can always wear the suit for a pro wrestling or jewel thief career.

Warming Up - Omaha World Cup Dressage Finals

We enjoyed the afternoon because we felt like we visited another planet. We were newbies in unfamiliar territory, yet enjoyed the fun and beauty of it all.

And of course, if you've been reading my blog posts, you already know how I love to promote the awesome public transportation options here in Downtown Omaha! For our little jaunt to the Omaha World Cup Dressage Finals, we just took the bus downtown to the CenturyLink which means we had zero hassles with parking. It was easy and efficient. Our fabulous Midtown location makes getting around a snap!