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Omaha Farmers Market - Lovin' Veggies!
JULY, 2016

I love to cook.

No, I'm not aproned up like Julia Child in my groovy mini kitchen whipping up the fanciest delectables. It's more like I'm just playing with electricity and food. My sister Julie is a real Martha Stewart (minus the prison record) and has all the gadgets of a pro. Me? I have spatulas from the Dollar Tree. I keep it pretty simple. But it's fun. And I love it.

My favorite thing to make is roasted vegetables.

Did I just see you make a face? A scrunched face that says YUK?

Well, then, all the more for me! Haaaaa. No, really, you gotta give them a chance. Stay tuned for the recipe.

Veggies Cooking!

I'm spoiled because my worksite participates in a CSA program with Wenninghoff Farms. If you're not familiar, CSA means Community Supported Agriculture. Each Thursday Wenninghoff's visits my work site and drops off bags filled with produce. There are different items every week, depending upon what's ready to harvest.

Don't have access to such a sweet deal? Our fabulous Midtown home is close to the awesome Omaha Farmers Markets. The Old Market Farmers Market at 11th and Jackson is a mere 1.4 miles away. The Charles Drew Health Center market is a just north on 30th Street, only 2.1 miles. It's more than fruit and veggie shopping, it's a lively experience of ights, sounds, and music.

Farmers markets not your thing? Make your produce gathering easy by popping into one of our small local markets. Wohlner's Neighborhood Grocery and Deli is just up the steet at Midtown Crossing. They have lovely fruits and veggies. Supermercado Nuestra Familia at 29th and Leavenworth has an amazing array of produce including south of the border speciality items like cactus. I felt weird about going there to take a photo of their veggies, so you'll have to visit and see them for yourself!

"Our fabulous Midtown home is close to the awesome Omaha Farmers Markets"

Okay, here's how I roast veggies. This is no stress cooking...

Start with equal amounts of carrots, red beets, onions, little red pototoes, garlic, sweet potatoes, and then add whatever is in season...zucchini, eggplant, summer squash, tomatoes.

Cut up those bad boys into big chunks. Who's got time to dice?

Spray a pan with olive oil. I will often use several pans.

Lay out the veggies and give them a spray of olive oil, sprinkle with a little sea salt and a hearty amount of Mrs. Dash with garlic. By the way, where is Mr. Dash? You never hear about Mr. Dash.

Put the veggies in a 425 degree oven.

Now go play on Facebook until they start to smell almost done. Turn the veggies over and give them enough time to get all roasty toasty and some might even get a little carmelized brown.

Remove from oven. Once plated, add a drizzle of tahini and feta cheese. Kalamada olives, too. YUM.

Omaha Farmers Market Logo

Make extra beets and carrots because they're really good chilled over a bed of spinach. Add your favorite dressing and some strawberries.

Variation 1: splash a little basaltic vinegar on the veggies before cooking
Variation 2: add cut up and add apples and lemons to the mix

I feel obligated to explain why I have so many photos of roasted veggies. Julie and I will frequently text each other photos of what we're cooking up in the kitchen. YUM!

Happy veggie roasting!

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