Monday Night Movies at Turner Park - Midtown Crossing
MAY, 2017

Free Outdoor Monday Night Movies at Turner Park - Midtown Crossing are just around the corner!


One of the joys of living here is the summer tradition of free Monday Night Movies at Turner Park, our next door neighbor - our back yard (that we don't have to mow or weed)!

Here's the scoop: This year they're presented by the University of Nebraska at Omaha, every Monday starting June 5th - July 31st. The flicks begin at sunset.

It's a great way to detox from Monday-itis and ease into the work week. The best part is, it's a no stress night where you show up, plop down, relax and enjoy the show.

Monday Night Movies at Turner Park - Midtown Crossing - Star Wars The Force Awakens - June 12

We sit on our balcony and watch the migration of movie-goers to the park. There's hundreds of them: parents pulling kids in red wagons, young people laughing, flirting; couples holding hands, cyclists ding-dinging their bike bells as they make their way through the crowd, Grandpas giving shoulder rides. And although there's quite a crowd, it never appears crowded. That's some summer physics for ya.

There's a great lineup of flicks - something for everyone.

Click here to see the list of Events on our website, including Monday Night Movies .

July 17 is Student Choice Week (UNO will host online voting.) Mystery night!

"The best part is, it's a no stress night where you show up, plop down, relax and enjoy the show."

New to the groovy scene of Monday Night Movies? Allow me to help you pack for a comfy movie night.

Blanket or chairs to sit on: I'm a blanket fan. The older the better. Bring one that has a history of picnics and adventures. Those are always the comfiest. If temps drop after sundown, you can bring up the corners to stay toasty.

Food: Popcorn is the obvious choice, but if you're fresh out, Kitchen Hodgepodge is stress-free. Just bring whatever you have: Carrots, PBJ's, Capt'n Crunch, walnuts. (Please keep your Limburger cheese and steamed rutabagas at home, please). Walgreens and Wohler's are an easy walk should you want to buy something and of course, there are several great restaurants close by.

Pre-movie amusements: The movie starts at sundown, so there'll be some wait time. Pack an easy-to-set-up game, like Trouble or Sorry to spend the time. Yeah, I know there's games on our phones, but sometimes it's fun to play it old school.

Monday Night Movies at Turner Park - Midtown Crossing - Angels in the Outfield - June 26

Do you like an adult beverage with a flick? Beer, wine and champagne are allowed in Turner Park. Hmm. I think champagne at a Monday Night Movie sounds fantastically glamourous. It's what Grace Kelly and Cary Grant would do.

Grace: Dahling, how festive of you to bring champagne!
Cary: Why of course! It's a movie in the park!
(Clink, clink, followed by long, romantic gazing)

Pets: Pets are allowed in Turner Park but must be leashed at all times. So, if Fido enjoys a night at the movies, bring him along! (There are doggy poop bags available in the park for your convenience.)

Bug spray: Bugs like the park, too. And a good movie. The spray will allow both of you to enjoy the show more.

Sunscreen: The mom in me has to remind you. Sorry, I can't help myself. Remember the horrible sunburn Uncle Leonard got back in 1979?! We now have a family folk song about it.

Enjoy the shows!

PS - All the movie posters you see here are from where you can purchase these favorites if you like.