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Local Omaha Art



I finally finished the painting for the kitchen. I call it “Toaster”.

Just kidding.

My working title was “Coffee Pot”, but yes, too obvious. Maybe "A Toast to Morning”. “All Hail the Magic Bean Drink”? If you have any ideas, let me know.

I found that awesome gold frame at a thrift store for 6 bucks. By the way, I’m not above dumpster diving if I see something interesting. One man’s trash is my treasure that I’ll hole away in my storage area for far too long.

I’m a graphic artist by trade but dabble in painting for fun. At work my jobs are all created on the computer. I make health education materials of all shapes and sizes using some pretty awesome software. The jobs are often steered by tight budgets, short deadlines, and the opinions of non-artists. So when I get home, it’s fun to play with paint. It’s not my strong suit, so there’s more paint to paint over paint to try again. It's relaxing and in my mini (groovy, of course!) studio, I get to call all the shots and take my time.

Modern Arts Omaha

People often say to me, “Oh! You’re an artist! You must be at the Corky Canvas - just up the street - to paint and sip wine all the time!”

“No,” I laugh, “Painting and sipping wine? I call that Tuesday Night!”

I think the Corky Canvas is a fun night out with friends and a nonthreatening introduction to painting. But if I'd go there, I'd have to wear shoes. And pants. There's no Big Fuzzy Robe Night at the Corky Canvas.

If painting with or without getting tipsy isn’t your thing, there’s lots of great options for viewing art right here in our awesome location. Joslyn Art Museum is just down the street at 2200 Dodge Street and entry is free thanks to the Sherwood Foundation. What an amazing gift. A present for our eyeballs.

"The Old Market has oodles of artsy places. Stroll around and you’re sure to bump into several. "

MAM (Modern Arts Midtown), at 36th and Dodge Street completely rocks. If you haven’t paid them a visit, get up and go right now. Put on your shoes and pants first. This intimate gallery is just minutes away and is a visual field trip for all tastes. And, you know how I love to plan little trips for you... I suggest walking over to view the art then stopping for ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery at Midtown Crossing on the return. Feel free to make abstract art on your napkin with melted ice cream.

Hot Shops Art Center: Good news/bad news on Hot Shops. Good news: at 13th and Nicholas it’s a short drive, but the bad news is that there’s so many wonderful things to see, you need a good chunk of time to absorb it all. You'll see sculpture, pottery, crystal, glass, textile work, painting, and more. They house over 80 studio arts. And since the holidays are around the corner, it's the perfect place to wrap up (or start!) your gift shopping while supporting local artists. Mark your calendar for their open house December 3 - 4, where you're invited to watch glass blowers create their magic. For more scoop, visit: http://www.hotshopsartcenter.com/

Hot Shops Art Center

The Old Market has oodles of artsy places. Stroll around and you’re sure to bump into several. The Artists' Cooperative Gallery, at 405 South 11th St., has been a favorite for many years. A zillion years ago, a boy broke my heart there. Right next to an abstract sculpture of a turtle. Pablo Picasso said, “Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” But I don't think this is what he had in mind. 😉

A fun place to visit is Junk n Treasure at 35th and Leavenworth. It’s not a gallery, but just a carnival for your eyes. It’s jam packed with unique antiques, signs, lamps, you name it. It's history and art and memories all rolled into one. Since you’re out that way, pop on over to Connect Gallery and Studios at 39th and Leavenworth - a little gem featuring the work of local artists.

At the end of the day, art is in the eye of the beholder - what you love. When your eyes and brain work together to make your brain smile, you're looking at art. Sunsets, church windows, autumn leaves, ink spots, baby smiles, lady bugs, good hair days...it's all art and it's all good.