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Jazz On The Green...and the Balcony
JULY, 2016

There’s a lotta perks living here, but the crème de la crème is that Jazz on the Green is right outside our door. For those of us living on the west or north side of the building, we can see it right from our balconies.


It's absolutely wonderful.


Jazz on the Green, dates back to 1975, starting at the grounds of the Joslyn Art Museum, but in 2010 Omaha Performing Arts moved the concert series to Turner Park. Lucky, lucky, triple lucky residents of Condos at 3000 Farnam!

Jazz on the Green - as seen from a balcony at The Condos at 3000 Farnam.

I’ve lived here four years and have gone into the park to listen to a concert only once. The rest has been from my unobstructed, bird’s eye, balcony view. I often have good intensions of joining the masses in the park, but I schlep home from work, don a pair of my big, comfy, old “home pants”, twist my hair up into a ponytail and then…well, I’m in Comfyland (where I'm both mayor and custodian). Once I enter Comfyland, it's almost impossible to leave. There's chocolate in Comfyland. And shoes are optional.

I still get excited about Thursday night, Jazz on the Green night. During my lunch break at work I’ll zip over to the grocery store to pick up some simple food to whip up before the show. What goes good with jazz? I'm a fan of homemade hummus, chilled raw veggies, and toasted garlic naan. It's cool food for a hot summer night and quick and easy to make. I like playing in the kitchen as the crowd and band assemble. I love this weekly ritual of slipping into Friday with good music, good food, and my sweetie.

"I love this weekly ritual of slipping into Friday with good music, good food, and my sweetie."

The music is amazing. Every single time. Omaha Performing Arts presents top notch performers from Omaha and around the country. No matter how tired we think we are, we find ourselves dancing. I'm Ginger Rogers in my home pants.

Oftentimes friends in the park will text me, “I C U on your balcony! (Thankfully they never ask "Y R U wearing those big pants?") Some are purists about their Jazz on the Green experience. They feel they must actually BE ON THE GREEN and not on a balcony. We’ve had several lively discussions about it and in the end agree to disagree. They'll pop over for a glass of wine and a bite to eat then back to the park they go to be on the green.

Jazz on the Green Logo.

Yes, there are other concerts in lovely Turner Park, but Jazz on the Green holds a special place Omaha's heart. It celebrates summer by turning an average Thursday night into something special.

There are only 3 more concerts left for the 2016 summer season, so don't miss out! For more details, click on the following dates:

July 28th featuring Billy McGuigan and Omaha Big Band

August 4th featuring Davina and the Vagabonds

August 11th featuring Kim Waters

And if you'd like to try out my favorite, easy hummus recipe, click here!