Iced In - in Omaha

We're iced in.

Not snowed in, but iced in. (Sorta*)

Last Friday night local meteorologists informed us to batten down the hatches! Big ice storm a'comin'! Stock up on supplies then get outta the way!

Total disclosure: Since I moved here to our fabulous building, I love a good "hide-at-home" winter weather day. Why? Because as condo owners, we don't have to worry about snow removal, ice removal, trees getting damaged by winter weather, something or other about cracking foundations etc., etc. We can just hunker down, cozy in and watch the winter scene from our big windows.

While house-owning friends post photos on Facebook of their big, messy driveways, I post a picture of myself with my feet up as I'm sipping hot cocoa. I’m mean like that.

I was a bit too eager for this first storm of 2017. I had Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off from work and weeks ago arranged to take the day after off too. Saturday I went to the store to buy supplies: ingredients to whip up hearty garden penne and apple crisp, a six pack of adult beverages, chocolate, tea,...and TP, of course.

Ready for Winter - Iced In - in Omaha


And then I waited for the storm... and waited. And waited. And waited.

My phone's weather app said the storm would be rolling in Sunday morning. I was eager to get into Winter Hibernation Mode.

Sunday late morning I longingly looked out the window.

Adorable Husband: "Baby, they said it won't be here until the afternoon."

Me: "Dang it, I wish it would get here already!"

I bundled up to take a winter walk.

Adorable Husband: "Are you going out to look for the storm?"

Me: "Why, yes, Mister, I am!" 🙂

"My phone says the distance from our building to Saddlecreek and back is 2.5 miles, but then again my phone has been known to lie about the weather, so what else does it fib about?"

Winter Walking in Omaha

My new urban stroll route takes me up the hill to the awesomely hip Blackstone district, then down to Saddlecreek Road where I turn around at the Don and Millie's - taking comfort in knowing that if I need a sandwich and onion rings to fortify myself for the return trip, I can find it there. My phone says the distance from our building to Saddlecreek and back is 2.5 miles, but then again my phone has been known to lie about the weather, so what else does it fib about?

Finally. The rain-turning-into-ice finally came about 3:30 PM. I broke out the big, baggy old sweatpants and got to the business of being winter lazy.

Cozy Time - Iced In - in Omaha

Finally - Winter Hibernation!

Here's my recipe for garden penne. It's easy and makes a condo smell cozy-yummy like you've been cooking all day:

And here's my recipe for apple crisp**

We watched Jeremiah Johnson (Jeremiah needed some Coldgear Under Armour) and played Qwirkle. I called my parents in Arizona to remind them how much fun winter can be. I drew little pictures all day long. We read. Snoozed on the couch.

Ohhhh. Is this what living in Minnesota is like all the time????

It was wonderful to winter recharge. We can be productive another day.

How do you enjoy Winter Hibernation Mode? Leave me a comment!

Unfamiliar with Qwirkle? Learn more here.

* One great thing about living here is that we are surrounded by major streets, so if you have to navigate around town after a winter storm, Dodge, Douglas, Farnam and Harney Streets are usually cleared first and often.

**No picture available of the apple crisp. We ate it all and forgot to take a photo. It was delicious.