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Fall Into Fall



I love Autumn.

Growing up on the farm autumn was a reminder that Nature comes full circle. The hopeful seeds planted in the spring have completed their cycle of growth and production. Harvest was a time of celebration followed by the quieting of the fields.

Here at our groovy condo building one of our first signs of autumn is dried leaves being blown in through the south entrance. Our cleaning company might see it as a nuisance, but I see it as Mother Nature throwing a little confetti into the building to celebrate the new season.

The Fall Equinox was September 22. Last week as I walked home from work I noticed the leaves on the sidewalk were dry and crunchy. Yes, I've been a grown-up for quite some time, but I still take great pleasure in stepping on dried leaves. What is it about that wonderful crunching noise under foot? Perhaps it's the celebratory noise of a summer well spent. Or the cathartic satisfaction of smashing something into little pieces? Or could it be the artist in me subtly changing the backdrop of my route?

I'm overthinking it.
It's just fun. 🙂
Hitchcock Nature Center - Fall Into Fall

Hitchcock Nature Center - Fall Into Fall

I've rounded up a few fall activities that are a short commute from our little building here at 3000 Farnam:

Take a fall hike at the Hitchcock Nature Center

27792 Ski Hill Loop
Honey Creek, IA

It's a lovely place to crunch leaves, take in fall colors and enjoy a walkabout in the woods.
Bemis Center Benefit Art Auction
Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
724 S 12th Street
October 28th, 2017
The Bemis Center’s Benefit Art Auction brings national and local artists together with local art enthusiasts to raise money for the center. Support art on a local level, find something lovely for your home, or purchase art as a holiday gift.
Do you like a good scare? Check out this list of local haunted houses
I love all the clever haunted house names, so just for fun I've made my own list of Relatable Haunted Houses:
  • The House with Outrageously High Property Taxes
  • The Closet Where None of the Pants Fit!
  • The House Where You Never Find Your Lost Keys
  • Haunted Moldy Shower


"Find your inner peace out in the vast oasis of a field of pumpkins. After a long day, stuffing a scarecrow might be great stress relief. "

Take a stroll over the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge
705 Riverfront Drive

See the fall colors from a different perspective by walking across the bridge or take a bike ride over the bridge to link to the Iowa bike trail system. See a map here: https://www.traillink.com/trail/bob-kerrey-pedestrian-bridge
Visit a pumpkin patch
What's the closest pumpkin patch to 3000 Farnam Street? I've done the research for you! (Okay, it was Siri.) Wenninghoff's is a short drive at 6707 Wenninghoff Road

If you're thinking that pumpkin patches are just for kids, hear me out. Take a hayrack ride, paint a pumpkin or peruse the greenhouse. Find your inner peace out in the vast oasis of a field of pumpkins. After a long day, stuffing a scarecrow might be great stress relief. 

Another idea: Pumpkin patch core workout! Think old school medicine ball workout, but with pumpkins.  Shaun T, I give you permission to use this in your next workout DVD.
Wenninghoff's - Fall Into Fall
Leaves! - Fall Into Fall
Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge - Fall Into Fall
A Friend Along The Way - Fall Into Fall
Fall Path Home - Fall Into Fall
Pumpkin Spice Coffee Made at Home - Fall Into Fall

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Made at Home - Fall Into Fall

Enjoy some pumpkin spice coffee
Autumn also means it's time for everything under the sun to be pumpkin spice infused. I did a little Googling and discovered you can get pumpkin spice dog treats, Jell-O (yes, JELL-O!), and even body builder's protein whey. You could have some after your pumpkin patch core workout.

My idea: pumpkin spice scented manhole covers. Wouldn't downtown rush hour traffic be pleasant if our streets smelled like pumpkin spice? Someone call the mayor and Shark Tank!

"Thank you, Mayor Stothert, for this key to the city."

Pardon my Walter Mitty moment.
Sorry, I got off track there.

I was going to post a list of local places that feature pumpkin spice coffee, but...um...it's every place on earth and possibly Mars, so instead, here's a recipe on how to make it yourself at home:
Until next time, I raise a hot cup of pumpkin spice coffee and wish you a Happy Autumn!