Building Information

General Information - The Condos At 3000 Farnam

The Condos at 3000 Farnam is a growing and thriving community of proud owners and good neighbors. We are constantly striving to improve the facilities and the overall quality of life for all who call our building home. Some of the features of our building include:

  • Diverse range of units – 22 different floor plans!
  • Units range from between 530 and 3110 square feet – something for everyone!
  • Owners model their units as they like, reflecting their individual personalities!
  • 10 story building, 113 Residential Units, each with the same floor storage space
  • Units range in size from studio to between 1 and 4 Bedrooms
  • Units have between 1 and 3 Bathrooms
  • Several 2 story units with spiral staircase
  • Many units have outdoor decks
  • Panoramic views on all sides of the building
  • Laundry facilities conveniently located on each floor
  • Large Community Room/Event Space on Lower Level
  • 7 Commercial Units on the Ground Floor

This is just a short list of general features and amenities. For more information about local area amenitiesrestaurantscollegespublic and private schools and more, feel free to look around on the site or contact us. We’d love to hear from you!